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Volume / Number: 5 / 652

CLA 652
  • Paris France Bibliothèque Nationale de France Lat. 13159
Script Uncial
Date VIII ex (795 - 800)
Origin and Provenance

Written in a centre with Insular connections situated somewhere on the Rhine or in Belgium or East France, to judge by the local saints mentioned in the litanies: they include Saints Gereon of Cologne, Aldegonde of Maubeuge, Gertrude, Abbess of Nivelles near Namur, Lambert, Bishop of Utrecht, and Bavo, Bishop of Gand. Belonged to Achille de Harlay (†1712) and came into the Bibliothèque Nationale during the nineteenth century.

CLA Vol. 5
TM Number TM 66820
Support Parchment
Contents Testamentum Vetus. Psalterium Gallicanum; Orationes.
Script Commentary

Script is a small, rapid but neatly formed uncial of a late type; the form of N is noteworthy. Corrections in Caroline minuscule occur (foll. 4v, 25v). The prayers after the litanies with the mention of Pope Leo (foll. 163, 165, l66v) and of Charlemagne as king and not yet as emperor (foll. 163, l63v, 165, l66v) help to fix the date of the manuscript.


☛F. Masai, 'Observations sur le Psautier dit de Charlemagne (Paris, BNF, lat. 13159)' Scriptorium 6 (1952) 299–303.

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