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About the Project

The Earlier Latin Manuscripts Project is a database of manuscripts written in Latin before the year 800 based on the work of E. A. Lowe and his assistants published in Codices Latini Antiquiores. The work for this project was conducted in the Department of Classics and the Moore Institute of the National University of Ireland Galway. Funding for its completion was contributed by both the Moore Institute and the School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures.

Project Team

  • Project Directors: Mark Stansbury (Classics), David Kelly (Moore Institute)
  • Research Assistants: Ben Byrne, Sarah Corrigan, Paula Harrison, Kelly Keady, Elena Nordio, Bobby O’Brien.


With thanks to the following contributors:

Luigi Boncompagni (CLA 5.573, 2.207)
Claire Clivaz
John Contreni
Klaus-Dietrich Fischer (CLA 8.1177)
David Ganz
Mary Garrison
Alessandro Gnasso (CLA 1.** (p. 34), 10.**285, 10.1325, 10.1563, 10.1564, 10.1565, 10.1566, 10.1567)
Patrik Granholm (CLA 11.1596, 11.1642)
Hugh Houghton (North African MSS)
Cristian Ispir (CLA 8.1038)
Claudine Moulin
Jesse Ophoff
Jean-Baptiste Piggin
Jacek Soszyński (CLA 8.1071)
Herrad Spilling
Johannes Staub (CLA 8.1181)
Ian Wood


Creative Commons License
The Earlier Latin Manuscripts Project by Dr. Mark Stansbury is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Open Data & Data Access

Data from the database can be accessed in 3 ways, each subject to the license above:

  1. Via the web front-end, accessible using the menu above;
  2. By downloading a .csv file containing some or all of the data. This option is presented at the top of the catalogue page where you can filter and refine the data you would like to download;
  3. By accessing the data via a JSON API (Application Programming Interface). Documentation on accessing data using this method is provided in the Technical Overview Section.