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Collections of Manuscripts

Collection Name
CLA information changed
Origin: Amiens
Origin: Corbie—Merovingian MSS written at Corbie (Ganz 1990)
Origin: Luxeuil—MSS from the school of Luxeuil (Tewes 2011)
Origin: Merovingian MSS, a provisional handlist (Wood 2017)
Origin: North Africa—MSS probably or possibly written in North Africa (Lowe)
Provenance: Bobbio library (Zironi 2004)
Provenance: Corbie library—Eighth-century Insular MSS present before ca 800 (Ganz 1990)
Provenance: Corbie library—MSS from Corbie (Zechiel-Eckes)
Provenance: Corbie library—MSS in Leutchar script (Ganz 1990)
Provenance: Corbie library—MSS in Maudramnus script (Ganz 1990)
Provenance: Corbie library—MSS in a-b script (Ganz 1990)
Provenance: Corbie library—MSS in eN script (Ganz 1990)
Provenance: Corbie library—alien MSS present by ca 700 (Ganz 1990)
Provenance: Fleury library (Mostert 1989)
Script: Luxeuil minuscule—'imitative scripts' (Ganz 2002)
Script: Luxeuil minuscule—Admont-Fulda Group (Ganz 2002)
Script: Luxeuil minuscule—Corbie group ante 673 (Ganz 2002)
Script: MSS containing Alemannic minuscule (Maag 2014)
Script: MSS illustrated in De re diplomatica
Script: MSS with named scribes (John 1995 with additions)
Script: MSS with reverse beta ti ligature
Script: MSS with sloping uncial, half-uncial, or quarter-uncial marginalia
Script: MSS written by female scribes
Text: MSS containing Gospel text
Text: MSS containing biblical text (including Gospels)
Text: MSS containing exegetical works
Text: MSS with texts available in the Bobbio library during the Lombard period (Zironi, 2004)