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Volume / Number: 6 / 711

CLA 711
  • Amiens France Bibliothèque Municipale 220
Script eN-type, Pre-Caroline, and Caroline Minuscule
Date VIII² et VIII ex (751 - 800)
Origin and Provenance

Written doubtless in North-east France, most likely at Corbie, to judge by the types of script displayed in the manuscript. Provenance Corbie: the ex-libris saec. XII stands on foll. 2 and 149. Was numbered 171 in the eighteenth century.

CLA Vol. 6
TM Number TM 66878
Support Parchment
Contents Gregorius Magnus, Opus incertum?; Paterius, Liber Testimoniorum Veteris Testamenti.
Script Commentary

Script, by various hands, is 'eN-type' on foll. 2–3, 8–17, 96–103v, the same type bordering on half-uncial on foll. 4–7v, 18–25v, pre-Caroline minuscule on foll. 26–33 recalling MS Boulogne 42 (CLA 5.736), and early Caroline minuscule on foll. 34–87 and 90–93 recalling the script of Paris Lat. 13396 (CLA 5.661): a is the rule and open a the exception. Work on the manuscript was apparently interrupted in the middle of fol. 103; the continuation is by a somewhat later hand of the Maurdramnus variety which also seems to have replaced the bifolium 88/95.


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