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Volume / Number: 1 / 105

CLA 105
  • Vatican City Italy Biblioteca del Vaticano Reginensis Latinus 316
  • Paris France Bibliothèque Nationale de France Lat. 7193 (foll. 41–56)
Script Uncial and b-type Minuscule
Date VIII med (726 - 775)
Origin and Provenance

Written in France. Closely akin to a series of MSS believed to come from North-East France, the ornamentation suggesting the Corbie school. Uncial MSS of this type are Paris Lat. 6413, 10399 + 10400 (fol. 27), 18282; Oxford Bodl. Laud Misc. 126 [1556]; titles and headings in this script occur in Paris Lat. 12240 and 12241; minuscule MSS are Autun 20, Montpellier 3, Oxford Bodl. Douce f. 1 [21999], Paris Lat. 4808 (fol. 121). The Reginensis MS belonged to Alexandre Petau (†1672); the Paris leaves, separated from the main MS at least as early as 1651, when Morin described the Sacramentary, belonged to Jean-Baptiste Colbert (†1683).

CLA Vol. 1
TM Number TM 66200
Support Parchment
Contents Sacramentarium Gelasianum; Exorcismus et Poenitentiale.
Name Sacramentarium Gelasianum.
Script Commentary

Script is a rather ornate uncial of a distinct type: the tail of G is like a shallow S; the bows of M rise branch-like above the line (cf. CLA 1.54); the typical letter is N with the second upright leaning to the left. On foll. 2v, 45v–46v the Greek Pater Noster and Creed have been glossed in Latin interlinearly in a French minuscule which is the immediate precursor of the Corbie a-b script. That the uncial and the b-type minuscule of this MS are products of the same centre is established by the fact that the type of uncial used for titles and colophons in b-type minuscule MSS is precisely that used throughout this MS. Characteristic letters are the open b with a tag to the right and the a either suprascript and combining with the next letter or with the front stroke rising high above the line. Notae Tironianae occur on fol. 180.


☛Gamber, CLLA 610. ☛R. McKitterick, ‘Nuns’ Scriptoria in England and Francia’ Francia 19 (1992) 1–35 argues for Jouarre origin. ☛Index Tironianorum.

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