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Volume / Number: 6 / 806

CLA 806
  • Orléans France Médiathèque 192 (169) (foll. 4–6)
Script Half-Uncial
Date VI ex (576 - 600)
Origin and Provenance

Origin uncertain; there is a slight resemblance to some known African and Spanish half-uncial (CLA 5.587, 680; 4.432). Provenance Fleury: see CLA 6.804.

CLA Vol. 6
TM Number TM 67589
Support Parchment
Contents Optatus, Contra Donatistas (7, fragm.)
Script Commentary

Script is a rather gauche half-uncial of a singular type: e is open; f has a long descender; the oblique of N is thin and high; r approaches the minuscule form; stands on the line and its short thick stem contrasts with the thin awkward up-stroke; the bottom-stroke of z is curved.


☛Mostert, Fleury, BF651.

Last modified 27 June 2017