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Volume / Number: 1 / 110

CLA 110
  • Vatican City Italy Biblioteca del Vaticano Reginensis Latinus 886
Script Half-Uncial
Date VI (501 - 600)
Origin and Provenance

Written in France, probably at Lyon. Probationes pennae in the French charter-hand of the eighth century on various pages (e.g. fol. 44). Belonged to Jean du Tillet (†1570) and to Alexandre Petau (†1672).

CLA Vol. 1
TM Number TM 66206
Support Parchment
Contents Codex Theodosianus (9–16).
Script Commentary

Many notae iuris occur in the marginalia. The manuscript is written with a pen cut for writing Greek, which lends a strange appearance to some Latin letters, but the Greek uncial found on foll. 75–76v shows pure Greek forms. The contemporary marginalia are in two different styles, one being mostly uncial, the other practically pure half-uncial. An early reader used a Greek sign in the margin.

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