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Volume / Number: 6 / 833

CLA 833
  • Strasbourg France Bibliothèque nationale et universitaire Lat. 2
Script Rustic Capital
Date V (401 - 500)
Origin and Provenance

Found in Egypt.

CLA Vol. 6
TM Number TM 62955
Support Parchment
Contents Vergilius, Eclogae (5.17–31).
Script Commentary

Script is small and compressed Rustic capital and recalls the Palatine Gellius (CLA 1.74) in the marked contrast between thick and thin strokes. Only part of the recto is legible and nothing of the verso.


☛CLA date changed from saec. IV to follow Scappaticcio, Papyri Vergilianae 30.

Last modified 11 July 2017