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Volume / Number: 1 / 111

CLA 111
  • Vatican City Italy Biblioteca del Vaticano Reginensis Latinus 1024
Script Half-Uncial
Date VII (601 - 700)
Origin and Provenance

Written in Spain or in South France. Features favouring a Spanish origin are the Visigothic abbreviations, the curious ligature of IT, and the Visigothic cursive found on foll. 5, 39v, 77vā€“83v, 138.

CLA Vol. 1
TM Number TM 66207
Support Parchment
Contents Leges Visigothorum.
Script Commentary

The half-uncial is mixed, manifestly in a state of transition: usually G, L, and S have uncial forms, and R is frequently uncial in ligature; but on fol. 95 the normal half-uncial G is used, also the ligature RI; in the ligatures OR and ON the right bow of O has a characteristic prolongation to form the shaft of R and N; IT is formed by prolonging the shaft of T, a Visigothic feature. On fol. 99v a new hand uses the delta-shaped A, two forms of D, half-uncial L and S. Notae Tironianae on fol. 112v .


ā˜›Index Tironianorum.

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