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Volume / Number: 7 / **604e

CLA **604e
  • Bern Switzerland Burgerbibliothek 611 (foll. 146–153)
Script Pre-Caroline Minuscule
Date VIII¹ (701 - 750)
Origin and Provenance

Written apparently in East France, to judge by the script. For the later history of the manuscript see CLA **604a.

CLA Vol. 7
TM Number TM 67011
Support Parchment
Contents Receptarius.
Script Commentary

Script is a crude pre-Caroline minuscule of French type, with some features recalling Luxeuil and some Corbie: noteworthy is b with the horizontal tag often occurring when it joins a following a, e, or i; sickle-shaped u is used suprascript and even on the line.


☛CLA number (**604c, p. 10) corrected to **604e.

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