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Volume / Number: 7 / 1020

CLA 1020
  • Zürich Switzerland Zentralbibliothek Rh. 92
Script Rhaetian Minuscule
Date VIII–IX (780 - 820)
Origin and Provenance

Written in a Rhaetian centre, to judge by the script, possibly by a Rhaetian scribe in some Alemannic centre since St Gall 193 CLA 7.915) is in part in the same type of script and has the same size and ornamentation. For provenance see preceding item.

CLA Vol. 7
TM Number TM 67165
Support Parchment
Contents Gregorius Magnus, Homiliae in Ezechielem.
Script Commentary

Script is a graceful Rhaetian minuscule by several hands: oc a is more frequent than a; ꞇ has two forms but aꞇ is almost the rule; mi ligature here and there; the ligature nꞇ occurs even in mid-word; ti ligature is used for hard and soft ti. Corrections by eleventh- and twelfth-century hands.

Last modified 02 May 2019