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Volume / Number: 7 / 860

CLA 860
  • Bern Switzerland Burgerbibliothek 219 B
Script Uncial
Date VII ex (699) (699 - 699)
Origin and Provenance

Written in a French centre with Insular connections, possibly by Pallagius himself, whose letter-square we reproduce; the date is fixed as the fifth year of King Childebert while Pepin was major domo. Was already at Fleury in the eleventh century: the ex-libris ‘hic est liber s . . . abb floriacensis' stands on fol. 11. Belonged to Petrus Daniel, and then to Jacob Bongars (†1612), whose heir, J. Gravisset, donated it in 1632 to the city of Bern.

CLA Vol. 7
TM Number TM 66999
Support Parchment
Contents Eusebius-Hieronymus, Chronicon.
Script Commentary

Script is an easy, natural, rather broad uncial of a late type: the lower bow of B protrudes markedly; LL run together; half-uncial a, long r, and occur at line-end. Noteworthy is the form of the capitals used in the text and particularly in the inscription on fol. 1 (see CLA 5.617), in which the stem of certain letters extends beyond the junction with its bow (B, D, P, R) or its horizontal (L); the serif forms betray the influence of inscriptions. The letter-square on fol. 76v discloses the name 'pallagius'; it is by the same hand as the rest of the manuscript though in a different script, a half-uncial manifestly modelled on early Insular; another letter-square, containing the name 'Rainfredus' in Rustic capitals saec. IX or X, is seen on the same page. Various probationes pennae saec. IX and X on fol. 77.


☛Mostert, Fleury BF117. ☛CLA date (VII ex (ante 699–700)) changed to agree with inscription fol. 1r: In annum V. Childeberti regis Francorum Pippino iubente ab Adam sunt anni V milia DCCCC. Fuit pasca X. Kal. Aprilis, ascensio Domini fuit Kal. Madias. Per cyclum numerum annorum CXL, repeticio a capite cychli.

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