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Volume / Number: 1 / 115

CLA 115
  • Vatican City Italy Biblioteca del Vaticano Reginensis Latinus 2077
Script Rustic Capital
Date V (401 - 500)
Origin and Provenance

Origin Italy. Rewritten in the seventh century to copy a MS of Hieronymus (CLA 1.114).

CLA Vol. 1
TM Number TM 66214
Support Parchment
Contents Cicero, In Verrem.
Script Commentary

Script is a not very elegant rustic capital with uncial U; L goes above the line, F below. New sections begin with a larger letter outside the bounding line. Titles of evidence, etc., are written in uncial (e.g. foll. 22v, 101v). Apparently contemporary marginal notes on fol. 28 (in b-d uncial), fol. 28v (cursive), fol. 31 (uncial), and fol. 79v (b-uncial).

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