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Volume / Number: 7 / 917

CLA 917
  • Sankt Gallen Switzerland Stiftsbibliothek 194 [palimpsest new]
Script Pre-Caroline Minuscule
Date VIII med (726 - 775)
Origin and Provenance

Written presumably in some Swiss centre, most likely St Gall.

CLA Vol. 7
TM Number TM 67061
Support Parchment
Contents Caesarius Arelatensis, Homiliae (4, 233–236, 155–156); Eusebius Gallicanus, Homiliae (38–39); Isidorus, Synonyma (1–2); Ps- Augustinus, Homiliae (CPPM 1, 1095, 5318).
Script Commentary

Script, mostly by one hand, is an irregular, somewhat cursive pre-Caroline minuscule, with strokes often failing to join, especially in a and c; e is tall; the lower bow of g is open and ends in a downward curve; the shaft of h leans to the left and is slightly curved; i-longa occurs initially; the ligature ti is normally used for hard ti.


☛Y. Hen, Liturgical palimpsests, Bibliologia 26, 2007, p. 52 no. XIV.

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