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Volume / Number: 7 / 942

CLA 942
  • Sankt Gallen Switzerland Stiftsbibliothek 552 (p. 351–382)
Script Pre-Caroline Minuscule
Date VIII–IX (780 - 820)
Origin and Provenance

Written presumably in North-eastern France, to judge by the script, perhaps in the centre which produced Utrecht, Universiteits-Biblioteek MS 1003 and, probably a little earlier, Boulogne MS 42 (47) (see CLA 6.736, and also 748).

CLA Vol. 7
TM Number TM 67086
Support Parchment
Contents Sulpicius Severus, Vita S Martini (1–15).
Script Commentary

Script is a characteristic late pre-Caroline minuscule with a tendency to angularity: the shoulder of r turns upward; ascenders and descenders are rather long. The numeral VI on p. 366 has the old ligature form. The added heading on p. 352 in ninth-century Rustic capitals is decidedly French.

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