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Volume / Number: 8 / 1027a

CLA 1027a
  • Bamberg Germany Staatliche Bibliothek Class. 3 (M.V.12) (II, foll. 1–93)
Script Early Minuscule
Date VIII–IX (780 - 820)
Origin and Provenance

Written in Germany in a centre under Insular influence, in part apparently by Meginfrit, who has been identified but on insufficient grounds with Charlemagne's chamberlain (†800) and whose hand is also seen in CLA 6.787. Belonged to Bamberg cathedral library. The manuscript was once bound together with MS Patr. 86 (CLA 8.1030), according to a fifteenth-century table of contents; the separation probably took place in 1611.

CLA Vol. 8
TM Number TM 67173
Support Parchment
Contents Testamentum Vetus, Libri sapientales (Vulgata, Prv, Ecl, Ct).
Script Commentary

Script, in several hands, is a graceful, roundish, early minuscule bearing some resemblance to hands in Metz 76 (CLA 6.787): two forms of a occur, the open more frequently; the eye of e is above the head-line; i subscript after m and n, as in so many Insular manuscripts; nt ligature even in mid-word; ti ligature used for soft ti. The hand of foll. 76 ff. entered the name Meginfrit, probably the scribe's own, at the end of the text (fol. 93). Hymns were entered on foll. 1 and 93v (saec. X). Corrections and glosses including some German words (saec. XI).


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Last modified 17 May 2019