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Volume / Number: 8 / 1042

CLA 1042
  • Berlin Germany Staatliche Museen P. 11753
  • Berlin Germany Staatliche Museen P. 21294
  • Vienna Austria Österreichische Nationalbibliothek L 90
Script Early Half-Uncial
Date IV (301 - 400)
Origin and Provenance

Origin uncertain. Found at Hermopolis (El-Ashmunên), Egypt. The Berlin fragments were removed to Russia after 1945.

CLA Vol. 8
TM Number TM 62360
Support Parchment
Contents Paulus Iuridicus, De Formula Fabiana, Ad Plautium (8).
Script Commentary

Script is a characteristic somewhat angular sloping early half-uncial; 𐌾 approaches the uncial form and has an extra stroke at the head-line; i-longa here and there, especially after ; l goes below the line and forms a right angle at the foot; r descends below the line and is noteworthy. Other details under Vienna (CLA 10.**1042).



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