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Volume / Number: 10 / **285

CLA **285
  • Friuli Italy Museo Archeologico Nazionale 138
  • Prague Czech Republic Knihovna pražské metropolitní kapituly Cim. 1
  • Venice Italy Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana without number
Script Uncial
Date VI in (501 - 525)
Origin and Provenance

Written in North Italy and probably in the area where the bulk of the manuscript is still preserved. The liturgical system of lections suggests the province of Aquileia. The manuscript was kept at Aquileia in the Middle Ages. Some time before 1354 the last seven quires with the Gospel of Mark seem to have been separated from the rest of the volume in order to be shown as St Mark's autograph; in that year Emperor Charles IV obtained the last two quires as a relic for the Prague cathedral, where they were still used liturgically in the eighteenth century. In 1420 the rest of Mark was given to Venice. The three other Gospels finally reached Cividale.

CLA Vol. 10
TM Number TM 66394
Support Parchment
Contents Testamentum Novum, Evangelia (Vulgata, Mc, Mt, Lc, Io). (J)
Name Codex Aquileiensis. Codex Foroiulensi.
Script Commentary

Script is bold, regular, calligraphic uncial, button of the very oldest type: the uprights of h and L have a horizontal serif; the bows of P and q are ample; T often rises high above the line; some ligatures at line-ends. Liturgical marginalia in cursive saec. VII on foll. IV and XVL. An erased entry in Caroline minuscule on fol. IX apparently contained names of visitors, as do similar entries seen in the Cividale part. Later liturgical entries saec. XVIII on foll. XV and XVI. For other details see under Cividale (CLA 3.285).


☛Gamber, CLLA 246.

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