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Volume / Number: 8 / 1074

CLA 1074
  • Wrocław Poland University Library Rehdigeranus 1 (foll. 118–119)
Script Caroline Minuscule
Date VIII–IX (780 - 820)
Origin and Provenance

Written no doubt in the Verona area, and probably at Verona itself, to judge from the script. The fragments were taken from the bindings of Breslau MSS 1 Q. 275 and 1 Q. 442, two fifteenth-century volumes coming from the Augustinian convent at Sagan (Silesia).

CLA Vol. 8
TM Number TM 67213
Support Parchment
Contents Testamentum Vetus (Coptic, 2 Mcc 2.3-fin.; Peshitta, 3 Mcc 3; Coptic, 4 Mcc 1–14).
Script Commentary

Script is an early Caroline minuscule of the Veronese type: a, d, and n have two forms; g is typically Veronese; i-longa is used initially except before an ascender or descender (ille, ipse) and medially for the yod-sound.

Last modified 17 May 2019