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Volume / Number: 8 / 1162

CLA 1162
  • Cologne Germany Dombibliothek 212
Script Half-Uncial and Uncial
Date VI–VII (590 - 604)
Origin and Provenance

Written presumably in France during the papacy of Gregory the Great (590–604). Was in the late eighth century in the same place as Cologne MS 213, i.e., probably at Cologne itself, where the manuscript was certainly preserved by the ninth century; the words ‘In di nomen Hildibaldus’, referring doubtless to the bishop of Cologne (785–819), are seen on fol. 1v. A copy of the ‘Notitia in provincia Galliarum’ on fol. 108 of our manuscript is found in Karlsruhe Aug. 103 in Reichenau script saec. IX in. For modern history of our volume, see CLA 8.1146; its Darmstadt number was 2326.

CLA Vol. 8
TM Number TM 67302
Support Parchment
Contents Collectio Coloniensis.
Script Commentary

Script (except for the list of popes) is half-uncial by more than one hand: uncial 𐌾 is almost the rule in parts of the manuscript; the catalogue of popes on foll. 168v and 169 is in contemporary uncial as far as the name Agapitus (only one line is in half-uncial); the uncial is somewhat pointed and of exactly the same type as that in the headings and colophons. The popes after Agapitus and up to Gregory the Great (whose dates are not filled in) are added in half-uncial by one of the scribes of the main text. Additions in half-uncial saec. VII (foll. 11, 168), a marginal note in cursive saec. VII–VIII (fol. 42v), a probatio pennae in Insular majuscule saec. VIII (fol. 159v). The entry ‘SIGIBERTUS; BINDIT (i.e. vendit) LIBELLUM,’ in uncial saec. VIII stands on fol. 167v; Sigibertus entered his name also in Cologne MS 213 (see CLA 8.1163). Notae Tironianae occur on foll. 4v, 9, 14v, etc.


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