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Volume / Number: 9 / 1288

CLA 1288
  • Munich Germany Bayerische Staatsbibliothek CLM 13038
Script Caroline Minuscule
Date VIII–IX (780 - 820)
Origin and Provenance

Written probably at Regensburg. The volume was certainly in the monastery of St Emmeram as early as the ninth century. It came into the municipal library of Regensburg in the sixteenth century. The making of an early copy of this manuscript is to be inferred from the entries (saec. VIII–IX) seen at the beginning of several quires giving the name of the scribe who was to copy certain portions of this his exemplar: one reads on fol. 46 'pars ratgozzi', on fol. 132 'IIII. pars hruommano', on fol. 174 'V. patariho', on fol. 204 'VI. alariho', on fol. 236 'VII. hahleiho' (a similar procedure is seen in Amiens 87 and 88, CLA 6.709).

CLA Vol. 9
TM Number TM 67431
Support Parchment
Contents Ps- Hieronymus, In Epistulas Pauli.
Script Commentary

Script is a careful roundish minuscule, encountered in a number of Regensburg manuscripts (cf. CLM 14080, foll. 34v ff., and the items there enumerated); a few lines on fol. 136v are of an earlier type. The added leaves and a part of fol. 157 are in a ninth-century hand seen in several Regensburg manuscripts. Many corrections by ninth-century Salzburg scribes, one of whom may be Baldo of Salzburg. A few names (saec. VIII–IX) are entered on various leaves.


☛Bischoff, Südostdeutschen Schreibschulen 1 p. 188. ☛Bischoff, Katalog 2 no. 3118.

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