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Volume / Number: 9 / 1391

CLA 1391
  • Wolfenbüttel Germany Herzog August Bibliothek 76 [palimpsest new]
Script Uncial
Date VII–VIII (680 - 720)
Origin and Provenance

Written in a French centre, probably in Burgundy. Belonged later to the monastery of Weissenburg. Came to Wolfenbüttel in 1690.

CLA Vol. 9
TM Number TM 67530
Support Parchment
Contents Iulianus Pomerius, De Vita Contemplativa.
Script Commentary

Script of the main part (foll. 1–96) is a bold, ungainly uncial of a late type, by more than one hand: A has a small, pendant bow; LL run together; ascenders are long. The uncial on foll. 96v–100v is compressed, rapid, leaning to the left, and interspersed with half-uncial elements: a, d, g, s occur in both half-uncial and uncial forms; ascenders and descenders are long; LL run together; the ligature AE occurs frequently even in mid-line. Corrections in Merovingian minuscule saec. VIII (e.g. foll. 32v, 43v, 84) and in Caroline minuscule saec. IX (e.g. fol. 5).


☛Y. Hen, Liturgical palimpsests, Bibliologia 26, 2007, p. 53 no. XVIII. ☛Wood 2017 dates to s. VI.

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