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Volume / Number: 9 / 1428

CLA 1428
  • Würzburg Germany Universitätsbibliothek M. P. Th. F. 150
Script Pre-Caroline Minuscule
Date VIII² (751 - 800)
Origin and Provenance

Written probably in Burgundy, to judge by the palaeographical features of the manuscript. Provenance the Würzburg Cathedral Library, where it bore the number '92'.

CLA Vol. 9
TM Number TM 67568
Support Parchment
Contents Gregorius Magnus, Moralia in Iob (32–35, excerpta).
Script Commentary

Script is pre-Caroline minuscule, by several hands: some scribes use either a or open a only, others use both forms; two forms of uncial G occur besides the minuscule on foll. 24 ff.; i-longa is used even in mid-word by one hand; the low-looped is used by one hand; the ti ligature occurs for hard ti; the transected form of capital Q recalls that found in Luxeuil manuscripts (cf. CLA 5.548). An Anglo-Saxon hand saec. IX entered a lesson on fol. 59v. The manuscript still has its very old pigskin cover with the title on the back: 'EXPOSITIO SUPER IOB' (saec. X or XI).


☛Thurn, Die Handschriften der Universitätsbibliothek Würzburg 3.1 p. 76–77.

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