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Volume / Number: 9 / 1433

CLA 1433
  • Würzburg Germany Universitätsbibliothek M. P. Th. Q. 24
Script Anglo-Saxon Majuscule
Date VIII² (751 - 800)
Origin and Provenance

Written by an Anglo-Saxon scribe, presumably on the Continent and probably in some German centre. Belonged to the Würzburg Cathedral Library, where it bore the numbers 'CXLII' and '122'.

CLA Vol. 9
TM Number TM 67574
Support Parchment
Contents Isidorus, Quaestiones in Vetus Testamentum (Deuteronomium–Iudices, Iosua).
Script Commentary

Script is mainly an uncalligraphic, rapid Anglo~Saxon minuscule: the long, shallow loop of e in ligature leans to the right, as if the letter were broken; short horizontals, mainly of and , turn up; subscript i is frequent.

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