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Volume / Number: 10 / 1477

CLA 1477
  • Vienna Austria Österreichische Nationalbibliothek Lat. 411
Script Caroline Minuscule
Date VIII–IX (780 - 820)
Origin and Provenance

Written presumably in East France near the Rhineland, to judge by the script. This manuscript of canons is textually allied to that written in 788 for Bishop Rachio of Strasbourg and lost by fire in 1870 (CLA 6.835). Bound in 1527 at the expense of lohannes Marquardus (cf. fol. 1). It bore the number 281 in the Ambras collection which was incorporated in the Vienna Palatine Library in 1665.

CLA Vol. 10
TM Number TM 67663
Support Parchment
Contents Collectio Canonum.
Script Commentary

Script, by several hands, is Caroline minuscule of a type recalling early Metz and Weissenburg manuscripts: a has several forms; N occurs here and there. The 'Epistulae formatae' on foll. 312v–313v were manifestly added a little later. The contents of the manuscript are indicated in fifteenth and sixteenth-century hands on fol. 1.

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