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Volume / Number: S / 1702

CLA 1702
  • London United Kingdom British Library Cotton MS Claudius B V (fol. 132 Vo)
Script Caroline Minuscule
Date IX (801 - 900)
Origin and Provenance

Origin doubtless the Palace School, as artistic and palaeographical considerations suggest, thus connecting it with the Ada-group (see CLA 6, p. xxvii). Our fragment was cut out and pasted on the bottom of the last page of a volume formerly belonging to Sir Robert Cotton (1571–1631) and now in the British Museum.

CLA Vol. S
TM Number TM 67863
Support Parchment
Contents Testamentum Novum, Evangelia (Vulgata, Lc 1.1).
Script Commentary

Script is excellent Caroline minuscule.


☛Bischoff, Katalog 2 no. 2419. ☛McGurk, Gospel books no. 21.

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