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Volume / Number: S / 1729

CLA 1729
  • Marburg Germany Hessisches Staatsarchiv Hr. 1, 2
  • Kassel Germany Universitätsbibliothek 2° Ms. theol. 183
Script Uncial
Date VIII (701 - 800)
Origin and Provenance

Origin uncertain, most likely a centre with South English connections, as suggested by palaeographical considerations. Provenance presumably Fulda.

CLA Vol. S
TM Number TM 67869
Support Parchment
Contents Testamentum Novum, Evangelia (Io 16.33–17.6, 17.11–16, Mt 21.8 ff., 19 ff).
Script Commentary

Script is bold artificial uncial of a late type with some features reminiscent of English charters of the late seventh century (cf. Cotton MSS Aug. II. 2 and Aug. II. 29, Facsimiles of Ancient Charters in the British Museum, nos. 1, 2): A has two forms, one uncial with the left stroke either ending in or broken by a tiny ball, the other capitalis with the unusual v-shaped bar seen in inscriptions; the upper end of is a tiny hair-line and the letter could be mistaken for an O; G is capital, its tail turning in, as in the Stockholm ‘Codex Aureus’ (CLA 11.1642) and in the gospel leaves in Avranches and St Petersburg (cal 6.730, 11.**730); R and S are mostly top-heavy; the top of T ends in a triangle at the right and a hook or loop at the left; the numerous decorative hair-lines seen in G, M, N, P, and X often end in spirals; the smaller letters at line-end also smack of English calligraphy.


☛Formerly Kassel, Landesbibliothek MS Hassiaca 59.

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