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Volume / Number: S1 / 1819

CLA 1819
  • Cambridge, Mass. USA Harvard University MS Typ. 620
Script Irish Majuscule
Date VIII² (751 - 800)
Origin and Provenance

Written presumably in Ireland. Removed from a binding. The leaf was purchased by the bookseller Willy Heimann from a private source in Sweden and then bought by Bernard M. Rosenthal in 1971 from whom Harvard University acquired it in 1978.

CLA Vol. S1
TM Number TM 68689
Support Parchment
Contents Testamentum Novum, Evangelia (Vetus Latina, Lc 16.27–17.26).
Name Rosenthal fragment.
Script Commentary

Script is a late ungainly Irish majuscule with some minuscule elements: d, n, r occur regularly; the majuscule and minuscule forms of s are used indifferently; ligatures with e are frequent, including eg, em, er, es, eu. Some slight corrections. The verso was used to practice writing some large letters (probably saec. XII).

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