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Volume / Number: S1 / 1824

CLA 1824
  • Flums Switzerland Turmachiv without number [palimpsest old]
  • Flums Switzerland Turmachiv without number [palimpsest old]
Script Uncial
Date VII–VIII (680 - 720)
Origin and Provenance

Written presumably in North ltaly. Rewritten in the Rhaetian area in the frrst half of the ninth century. Later used as jacket to a Flums ‘Urbar’ of the year 1590.

CLA Vol. S1
TM Number TM 68693
Support Parchment
Contents Testamentum Vetus, Psalterium (Vulgata, Ps 112.4–8).
Script Commentary

Script is uncial of poor quality mixed with half-uncial elements. Letters are of uneven height; a is half-uncial; D is uncial in line 1 while in line 2 with the stem almost upright it approaches a half-uncial form; S exceeds the other letters above and below; half-uncial en in ligature.

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