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Volume / Number: 10 / 1518

CLA 1518
  • Vienna Austria Österreichische Nationalbibliothek Lat. Ser. nov. 4213
Script Luxeuil Minuscule
Date VIII¹ (701 - 750)
Origin and Provenance

Written at Luxeuil or in an affiliated house, to judge by the script. Was at Salzburg already in the ninth century, as shown by a correction. It may be noted that fragments of another Luxeuil manuscript of similar size containing the Prophets were divided at some time between St Mang’s of Stadtamhof near Regensburg (now Munich CLM 291583; CLA 9.1337) and Admont (see CLA 10.**1337). The Job fragments were formerly fly-leaves of Vienna MSS L 675 and 1290, both from the Salzburg cathedral library.

CLA Vol. 10
TM Number TM 67705
Support Parchment
Contents Testamentum Vetus (Vulgata, Iob 13.20–15.4, 16.3–18.2).
Script Commentary

Script is a cursive minuscule of the type practised at Luxeuil. A ninth-century insertion on fol. 2 is by a characteristic Salzburg hand presumably belonging to the scholasticus Baldo.


☛Tewes, Luxeuil No. 20, dates to ca. 720–30.

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