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Volume / Number: 10 / 1548

CLA 1548
  • Brussels Belgium Bibliothèque Royale 10127–10144
Script Pre-Caroline Minuscule
Date VIII–IX (780 - 820)
Origin and Provenance

Written presumably in North-east France or possibly in Belgium in a centre under Insular influence. It belonged to the abbey of St Peter at Ghent according to the ex-libris on fol. 3, at latest from 1200–1599 when Abbot Columban presented it to the Jesuit fathers of Antwerp (cf. the entry on fol. 3).

CLA Vol. 10
TM Number TM 67715
Support Parchment
Contents Sacramentarium: Canones; Libri Poenitentiales; De Officiis Ecclesiasticis; Liber Antiphonarius; Liber Sacramentorum Excarpsus.
Script Commentary

Script is pre-Caroline minuscule by several hands, some rather cursive with horned o, etc.: both open a and a, d and , n and N (occasionally resembling H) are used; majuscule S also occurs in the minuscule; i-longa initially and subscript i are both frequent; ligatures include nꞇ (even in mid-word), rp, ti ligature (for hard and soft ti), xꞇ. The entry 'de seruitio domni episcopi et archidiaconi' saec. IX or X is seen on fol. 89v. The manuscript has suffered from much use as well as from damp and reagent.


☛Bischoff, Katalog 1 no. 741. ☛CLLA (2) no. 856, 1320.

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