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Volume / Number: 10 / 1577

CLA 1577
  • Leiden Netherlands Universiteitsbibliotheek BPL 2589
Script Early Half-Uncial
Date IV (301 - 400)
Origin and Provenance

Origin uncertain. Found presumably in Egypt.

CLA Vol. 10
TM Number TM 62359
Support Parchment
Contents Paulus Iuridicus, Sententiae (28–29).
Script Commentary

Script is a somewhat squarish, early half-uncial in which capital elements are particularly marked: a approaches the uncial form, but occasionally it is cursive; c and e are both somewhat rectangular and near to the Rustic capital forms; G is uncial; H, curiously enough, is capital; L descends below the line and its long foot extends under the following letter, as in cursive; S is capital; N, o, p, and smack of Greek calligraphy.


☛S. Ammirati, JJP 40 (2010), p. 66. ☛formerly Oegstgeest, Private collection von Scherling 2487 (cf. Rotulus 7 (1954)).

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