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Volume / Number: 11 / **1185

CLA **1185
  • Düsseldorf Germany Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek K 1: B 212
  • New York, N. Y. USA Columbia University, Plimpton Collection MS 054
Script Irish Minuscule
Date VIII (701 - 800)
Origin and Provenance

Written presumably in Ireland. Later at Werden. Acquired from a German collection in 1930 by the dealer, von Scherling. Purchased by G. A. Plimpton of New York in 1932 and bequeathed by him in 1936 to Columbia University.

CLA Vol. 11
TM Number TM 67326
Support Parchment
Contents Lathcen, Ecloga Gregorii Magni Moralium in Iob (17); Philippus Presbyter, Expositio in Iob.
Script Commentary

Script is a rapid Irish minuscule with considerable cursive admixture: a has several forms; tall c and e with lower bow reversed frequent; d has two forms; striking is the form of fi ligature resembling an x; i in ligature often resembles an elongated S; the last stroke of m at word-end curves well below the line; z goes below the line and forms an acute angle with the final stroke.


☛Partially on permanent loan from the Hauptstaatsarchiv. ☛Formerly Düsseldorf, Hauptstaatsarchiv without number.

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