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Volume / Number: 11 / 1593

CLA 1593
  • Krakow Poland Archiwum Kapituly Metropolitalnej MS 43
Script Early Caroline Minuscule
Date VIII–IX (780 - 820)
Origin and Provenance

Origin uncertain. The manuscript was probably written in some border-line centre, to judge from features pointing to Italy as well as to South-east Germany, and copied perhaps from an uncial exemplar as the intrusion of uncial letters here and there suggests. The erased addition beginning 'ARON EPS' on page 5 probably refers to Aaron, bishop of Krakow (1046–59), to judge from the forms of the capital letters. Chemical reagent has now rendered most of the addition illegible.

CLA Vol. 11
TM Number TM 67758
Support Parchment
Contents Praedicationes; Arnobius Iunior, Annotationes in Quaedam Evangeliorum Loca.
Script Commentary

Script is early Caroline minuscule of a rather mixed type, characterized by clubbed ascenders and constant use of ligatures with r, especially in ri: a is the rule except after r, where open a occurs regularly in the ra ligature; has the uncial form; e before m or n rises above the line; horned o in the ro ligature; uncial R here and there in the minuscule; y is long and dotted; z has two forms, in one of which the two horizontals are semicircular, with the first open at the top and the second at the bottom—a form frequent in German manuscripts; nt and orum ligatures frequent, even in mid-word; ri ligature is the rule. A prayer in gauche Caroline minuscule, apparently added later and written in the same place as the main text, stands on p. 2–3. A description of the precious stones of the Apocalypse and an altered text of the Trisagion were added in crude uncial on p. 4–6. Probationes pennae on pages 1 and 8.


☛Bischoff, Katalog 1 no. 2006.

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