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Volume / Number: 11 / 1627

CLA 1627
  • Barcelona Spain Arxiu de la Catedral 120
Script Uncial
Date VII–VIII (680 - 720)
Origin and Provenance

Origin uncertain; other possibilities apart, South France seems most probable since it explains the known influences better than any other region; the representation of what may be a flamingo in the initial L seen on fol. 28 would favour a Mediterranean centre. Corrected by an Anglo-Saxon reader in the eighth century. Provenance Barcelona cathedral. Recently repaired in the Vatican when the old binding consisting of papyrus and parchment fragments, now mislaid, was taken apart.

CLA Vol. 11
TM Number TM 67792
Support Parchment
Contents Gregorius Magnus, Homiliae in Evangelia, Decretum.
Script Commentary

Script, by more than one hand, is very carefully executed uncial of a late type: the bow of A is pointed and often hangs above the line when following C, L, or R; the tail of G is thin and ends in a curl; the lower left limb of X curves to the right; Y is dotted; short horizontals in E, F, T, etc., are often forked; letters are often small and sometimes suprascript at line-end. Corrections and added liturgical formulae in Anglo-Saxon minuscule or uncial. Some Notae Tironianae: 'demitte' (foll. 92v, 97v, 99v, 100), 'Spiritus sanctus' (fol. 110).


Index Tironianorum.

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