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Volume / Number: 11 / 1628a

CLA 1628a
  • San Lorenzo Spain El Escorial Camarin De Las Reliquias without number
Script Uncial
Date V–VI (480 - 520)
Origin and Provenance

Origin in all probability North Africa. United to the manuscript of St Augustine's De baptismo parvulorum by the seventh or eighth century at latest (cf. the title in Merovingian minuscule, 'liber augustini de baptismo', at the top margin of fol. 1). For later history see CLA 11.1629.

CLA Vol. 11
TM Number TM 67793
Support Parchment
Contents Eutropius Presbyter Hispanus, De Vera Circumcisione; Ps- Hieronymus, Epistulae (19.1–3).
Script Commentary

Script is a rather awkward, broadish angular uncial with strokes often failing to join, somewhat recalling the uncial of the Cyprian manuscripts (CLA 4.**458, 464, and 12.1728): the bow of A is frequently pendant with the lower part almost horizontal (cf. CLA 5.678); the upper bow of B is a mere dot; the eye of E is mostly open; F has a marked forestroke; the tail of G is small and thin; N is broad and the oblique is mostly thin, unusual in old uncial manuscripts; cup-shaped U occurs suprascript at line-end; noteworthy are the ligatures of OR, UNT, UR, US, and especially of NI and UI with I prolonging the right vertical below the line. Letters are often intersected by the ruled lines (cf. the next item but one, 1629, and CLA 4.464, 465). The uncial text ends at the bottom of fol. 111 in mid-sentence. Fol. 1 is partly retraced.


☛CLA provenance (origin uncertain; either Africa or Spain) changed to follow CLA S p. IX.

Last modified 30 April 2019