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Volume / Number: 2 / 146

CLA 146
  • Cambridge, Mass. USA Harvard University MS Typ. 6
  • Marburg Germany Hessisches Staatsarchiv Hr. 2, 4 a–c
  • Nuremberg Germany Germanisches Nationalmuseum Kupferstichkabinett Kapsel 536 SD 281 + SD 284
Script Anglo-Saxon Minuscule
Date VIII² (751 - 800)
Origin and Provenance

Written probably in the Anglo-Saxon centre of Fulda. The MS was copied from a Visigothic exemplar, fragments of which survive at Kassel and Marburg (CLA 12.1785). Formerly belonged to Libri's collection.

CLA Vol. 2
TM Number TM 66246
Support Parchment
Contents Hieronymus, Epistulae (Ad Heliodorum, Ep. 60.14–5).
Script Commentary

Script is an expert Anglo-Saxon minuscule of a distinct type: characteristic is the g resembling an elongated 3; d has both the uncial and the minuscule form; descenders go well below the line; the shafts of tall letters are often club-shaped, a sign of Continental influence.


☛CLA first-edition origin (a German centre with South English connections) changed to follow second edition. ☛Formerly Cheltenham, Private collection Phillipps 30499. ☛Formerly Cheltenham, Private collection Phillipps 36185. ☛Bischoff, Katalog 1 no. 850.

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