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Volume / Number: 2 / 212

CLA 212
  • London United Kingdom British Library Papyrus 2723 Vo
  • Cairo Eygpt Egyptian Museum P. Mich. 4549 Vo
Script Rustic Capital
Date II–III (180 - 220)
Origin and Provenance

Written presumably in Egypt. Found at Karanis. Acquired by the British Museum in 1925.

CLA Vol. 2
TM Number TM 63851
Support Papyrus
Contents Palaemon, Ars Grammatica (fragm.).
Script Commentary

Script is Rustic capital of an ancient type: A has no bar; D, M, and N are broad; G and Q have a tail from left to right; F descends far below the line; U is V-shaped; i-longa occurs initially. For further details see also under CLA 11.**212.


☛CLA first-edition provenance changed to follow second (adding acquisition date); script changed to add comparandum. ☛Formerly Ann Arbor, USA, Michigan University Library P. 4549 Vo. ☛Scappaticcio, Artes grammaticae in frammenti (SGLG) p. 93–143. ☛P. Lond. Lit. 184. ☛P. Mich. 7 429. ☛Wouters, Grammatical papyri 3. ☛ChLA 3 218 Vo. ☛Papyri Vergilianae 22. ☛Seider, Paläographie II.1, no. 5 pl. III. ☛DCLP.

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