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Volume / Number: 2 / 220

CLA 220
  • Hannover Germany Kestner-Museum MS Culemann Kat. I 72 (394)
  • New Haven, Conn. USA Yale University, Beinecke Library MS 441
  • Hannover Germany Kestner-Museum MS Culemann Kat. I 71 (393)
Script Anglo-Saxon Minuscule
Date VIII–IX (780 - 820)
Origin and Provenance

Written presumably in England.

CLA Vol. 2
TM Number TM 66318
Support Parchment
Contents Beda, Expositio in Lucae Evangelium (6.43–46).
Script Commentary

Script is an expert Anglo-Saxon minuscule in which R is more frequent than r and uncial is the rule; g is flat-topped and elongated and has a somewhat bulging middle; f, r, and extend below the line quite as much as p and q. In the lemmata majuscule A and S are the rule, and both forms of d occur.


☛CLA first-edition date (VIII ex) changed to follow second edition. ☛Formerly London, Private Collection Wilfred Merton MS 42. ☛Bischoff, Katalog 1 no. 1499.

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