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Volume / Number: 2 / 228

CLA 228
  • Manchester United Kingdom John Rylands Library Gr. 608
Script Mixed Rustic Capital
Date II¹ (101 - 150)
Origin and Provenance

Origin doubtless Egypt. Provenance Oxyrhynchus.

CLA Vol. 2
TM Number TM 25160
Support Papyrus
Contents Litterae Commendaticiae.
Script Commentary

Script is a mixture of Rustic capital and early cursive, not without some elegance: A has a tiny third stroke parallel to the first; and uncial E have the cursive forms which are the forerunners of the uncial; the tail of G is small and does not go below the line; H has two forms; M and N are capital; Q, R, and S are cursive, the tail of Q having the characteristic sweep from left to right; U is always V-shaped; the whole script inclines to the left. The apex is used to mark long quantity. Points occur after most words.


☛CLA first-edition date (II) changed to follow second edition. ☛ChLA 4, p. 42. ☛Mallon, Paléographie romaine, IX.

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