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Volume / Number: 2 / 229

CLA 229
  • Oxford United Kingdom Bodleian Library Arch. Selden B. 26 [S.C. 3440] (fol. 34)
  • London United Kingdom British Library Cotton MS Otho A. I
Script Anglo-Saxon Majuscule and Minuscule
Date VIII² (751 - 800)
Origin and Provenance

Written in England. Bodleian leaf belonged to Thomas Allen of Gloucester Hall, Oxford, who presented many manuscripts to the Bodleian Library in 1601. The whole MS is a miscellany of very mixed contents, the main part forming what is now the Bodleian Carol Book.

CLA Vol. 2
TM Number TM 66292
Support Parchment
Contents Gregorius Magnus, Regula Pastoralis (fragm.).
Script Commentary

Script is a somewhat awkward Anglo-Saxon majuscule of a late type with a distinct Celtic flavour. The last lines on a page are in large minuscule.

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