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Volume / Number: 2 / 234

CLA 234
  • Oxford United Kingdom Bodleian Library MS Bodley 426 [S.C. 2327] (foll. 1–118)
Script Anglo-Saxon Minuscule
Date VIII–IX (780 - 820)
Origin and Provenance

Written in England, probably in some Wessex centre, to judge by resemblance to the British Museum Cotton Charter VIII. 36. Was certainly at Canterbury in the fourteenth century: on the front fly-leaf (fol. IVv) 'Di. III. G IIII. Liber sancti Augustini Canterburiensis' (saec. XIV). Presented to the Bodleian by Sir Walter Cope in 1602.

CLA Vol. 2
TM Number TM 66326
Support Parchment
Contents Philippus, Expositio in Iob (1–2).
Script Commentary

Script is a bold, expert Anglo-Saxon minuscule with several cursive elements; noteworthy features are the elongated top strokes of g and ; the bow of p and the final stroke of m at word-ends have a tiny extra stroke; suprascript sickle-shaped u occurs; the ri ligature has a short tail. The first page and some initial lines are in slender Anglo-Saxon majuscule.

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