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Volume / Number: 3 / 371

CLA 371
  • Milan Italy Biblioteca Ambrosiana S. P. Cassaf. 1
Script Uncial
Date VI ex–VIII in (676 - 725)
Origin and Provenance

Written presumably at Ravenna, where it evidently existed in the early tenth century.

CLA Vol. 3
TM Number TM 66472
Support Parchment
Contents Orationes.
Script Commentary

Script is rather massive, not very expert uncial: the bow of uncial A descends in a hair-line and curls back; the base of B often ends in a little downward curve; the hasta of uncial E is central; the second upright of N is wedge-shaped; the bow of R descends almost to the base-line; uncial E with cedilla is regularly used for the diphthong Æ. Eight letters referring to Ravenna were copied on the back of the rotulus at the beginning of the tenth century.


☛CLA date changed from saec. VIII in to follow CLLA. ☛Formerly Imbersago, Via Mombello without number.

Last modified 22 June 2017