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Volume / Number: 4 / 429

CLA 429
  • Rome Italy Biblioteca Vallicelliana A 14
Script Uncial
Date VIII–IX (780 - 820)
Origin and Provenance

Written in Italy, presumably in the South, where it was certainly read and used liturgically, to judge by the ductus of certain marginal lection notes and the typically Beneventan punctuation.

CLA Vol. 4
TM Number TM 66535
Support Parchment
Contents Augustinus, Tractatus in Evangelium Iohannis.
Script Commentary

Script is a late uncial: the bow of A is low and curiously shrunk; the second upright of N is wedge-shaped; the top of T forks at both ends; FF and LL run together. On foll. 10, 53v, 54, and 142 occur liturgical entries in a sprawling hand saec. X and the name 'Iohannis supdiaconus'. Liturgical notes are found passim: those on foll. 78v, 141v, top margin, betray Beneventan penmanship saec. X or XI.

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