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Volume / Number: 4 / 469

CLA 469
  • Vercelli Italy Biblioteca Capitolare 183 (foll. 3–104)
Script North Italian Cursive Minuscule
Date VIII (701 - 800)
Origin and Provenance

Written doubtless in North Italy, probably at Vercelli.

CLA Vol. 4
TM Number TM 66577
Support Parchment
Contents Hieronymus-Gennadius, De Viris Illustribus; Augustinus, Retractaciones; Decretum Gelasianum; Cassiodorus, Opus Incertum; Anastasius Bibliothecarius, Vitae Romanorum Pontificum.
Script Commentary

Script is very expert, rapid cursive minuscule, closely akin to the script of North Italian charters: a in ligature is often suprascript or resting on its side; s at the end of a word is short and stands on the line; t in ligature has various forms; y is v-shaped and dotted; z resembles ti ligature with a tag to the right, a form peculiar to North Italy; i-longa used initially and medially for the semi-vocal sound; the ligature ti is used indifferently for hard and soft ti. Notae Tironianae occur on foll. 35, 70.


Index Tironianorum.

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