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Volume / Number: 4 / 493

CLA 493
  • Verona Italy Biblioteca Capitolare XXXVII (35)
Script Half-Uncial
Date VI (501 - 600)
Origin and Provenance

Written in Italy, in a centre of fine calligraphic traditions, perhaps in the school which produced Milan, Ambros. C. 105 inf. (CLA 3.323a). It is quite unlike other half-uncial MSS of Verona. Was certainly at Verona by the eighth century, as is attested by the added entries described in the preceding paragraph.

CLA Vol. 4
TM Number TM 66601
Support Parchment
Contents Clemens Romanus, Recognitiones; Testamentum Vetus, Prophetae maiores (Vetus Latina, Dn).
Script Commentary

Script is a bold and expert half-uncial recalling the Milan Hegesippus (CLA 3.323a): a approaches the uncial form; resembles an s with a thin horizontal top; i-longa is frequent after r and t, a sign of antiquity; shafts of tall letters are strikingly club- or wedge-shaped. Each colophon is accompanied by the corrector's 'contulimus' (it stood alongside each quire-mark in XXXIII (31), CLA 4.492). Numerous marginal entries, some summarizing contents, in the hand of Pacificus, others in the hand of Ratherius (foll. 75, 92v, 93, etc.); the entry on fol. 46 seems to be by a different hand. Fol. 59v, originally blank, has an entry Ordo de Septem gradibus in ninth-century minuscule of the time of Pacificus (†846). On certain pages left blank by the original scribe (foll. 169v, 231, 231v, and the single leaf formerly known as IV (4), fol. 6) an eighth-century hand entered in crude and characteristic cursive minuscule a liturgical lesson entitled by him 'Lectio Danielis prophetae cum cantico'. The main pause is marked by a group of points and virgula. Script is unmistakably local: similar liturgical entries by the same hand are seen in several other Verona MSS: II (2), fol. 1v; XXXVIII (36), foll. 117v–118; LI (49), fol. 132v, our CLA 4.477, 494, 504.

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