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Volume / Number: 4 / 494

CLA 494
  • Verona Italy Biblioteca Capitolare XXXVIII (36)
Script Half-Uncial
Date VI¹ (517 - 517)
Origin and Provenance

Written at Verona, by Ursicinus, in 517, as is clear from the subscription on fol. 117: 'Perscribtus codix hec de uita beati martini epī et cōnf et beati pauli S̄S̄ sub die Kāl. aug. agapito   ind. decimae per ursicinum lēct. ecclesiae ueronensis’. Read at Verona by Archdeacon Pacificus (†846). It has probably remained there through the centuries, except for a short visit to Paris during the Napoleonic wars. Recently repaired at the Vatican. As the subscription by Ursicinus is original, the MS constitutes a milestone in Latin palaeography.

CLA Vol. 4
TM Number TM 66602
Support Parchment
Contents Sulpicius Severus, Vita S Martini, Epistulae, Dialogi; Hieronymus, Vita S Pauli.
Script Commentary

Script is a rather informal half-uncial approaching minuscule, important because it is both dated and placed: a is closed, the uncial form occurring at line ends; is rather cramped; N is characteristic with its middle stroke high and sagging. Notae Tironianae on many pages. EGO LUBUAD . . occurs on fol. 38v entered with stylus. The blank folios 117v–118 have been filled in with three liturgical lessons ('In cena Domini—Lectio Hieremiae prophetae', 'In vigilia Epiphaniorum mane', and 'In vigiliis pasce') partly in uncial, partly in a mixed script by the hand which added liturgical lessons in several Verona MSS (cf. CLA 4.493). The last page, full of probationes pennae, also contains, in eighth-century uncial, the opening verses of Ailerannus' poem on the canons. The manuscript has been retraced, often carelessly, on many pages.


Index Tironianorum.

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