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Volume / Number: 1 / 86

CLA 86
  • Vatican City Italy Biblioteca del Vaticano Palatinus Lat. 216 (foll. 20–133)
Script Early Caroline Minuscule
Date VIII–IX (780 - 820)
Origin and Provenance

Written in North-East France in the Corbie area, or perhaps at or for Liège. Special attention in decoration has been given to the life of St Lambert of Liège. On the fly-leaf (fol. 20) are 3 lines containing an antiphon in Corbie a-b script saec. VIII–IX. Now bound up with a MS containing Augustinus, In Librum Genesis contra Manicheos in Caroline minuscule saec. IX, which has some Lorsch characteristics: e.g. parchment and capitals of Insular type. Both parts may have been at Lorsch.

CLA Vol. 1
TM Number TM 66182
Support Parchment
Contents Homiliae.
Script Commentary

Written by several hands, all of one school. Notae Tironianae on fol. 109. A cryptogram on fol. 70v.


Index Tironianorum.

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