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Volume / Number: 5 / 608

CLA 608
  • Paris France Bibliothèque Nationale de France Lat. 10910
Script Uncial
Date VIII¹ (715) (701 - 750)
Origin and Provenance

Written certainly in France, as script, initials, and spelling suggest, and perhaps in some Burgundian centre. Belonged to Sirmond, who gave it to the college of Clermont at Paris. Before the sale of that library it came into the possession of M. de Lauragais and through his gift to the Royal collection in 1771. Later numbered Suppl. Lat. 696.

CLA Vol. 5
TM Number TM 66776
Support Parchment
Contents Ps- Fredegarius, Chronicon.
Script Commentary

Script is a rapid, not very expert uncial of a late French type: the bow of uncial A is small and suspended; is narrow and rises high above the line; G ends in a characteristic turn to the right; the lower left limb of X turns to the right; Y is noteworthy, its left branch swinging above the preceding letters. On fol. 28v line 11 ends in Merovingian cursive. Contemporary marginalia in Merovingian cursive also occur on foll. 20, 58v, 69, 83, 86v, 184v. On fol. 184 at the end of the whole volume stands the added inscription by 'LUCERIOS, PRESBETER MONACOS' with the date ‘ANNO QUARTO DAGOBERTO REGNANTE' which could mean either 678 or 715 but, because it is more acceptable palaeographically and suits better the indiction given, it is probably the latter. The list of popes, entered on fol. 23 by the original hand, stops with 'Theuderus' (Theodorus, 642–649); it is continued by a later hand which stops with the sixteenth year of Hadrian (788). Crude pen-and-ink drawings are seen on foll. A and 23v; the latter folio has the Latin title transcribed in barbarous Greek characters which a ninth-century hand transliterated into Latin. Notae Tironianae on foll. 34, 137v, 184v. For number 90 the scribe writes LXL, for 91 LXLI, etc.


☛Tewes, Luxueil No. 29 (MSS with other close relationships to Luxeuil). ☛Index Tironianorum.

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