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Volume / Number: 5 / 615

CLA 615
  • Paris France Bibliothèque Nationale de France Lat. 11681 (foll. 4–196)
Script Corbie a-b Script
Date VIII² (751 - 800)
Origin and Provenance

Origin doubtless Corbie. The thirteenth-century Corbie ex-libris 'lib Sci peꞇ' corbeie' is found on the fly-leaf and again on fol. 4. Brought from Corbie to St Germain des Prés in the seventeenth century, where it had the press-mark 'N. 290, olim 141' (see front fly-leaf). Came to the Bibliothèque Nationale with the St Germain manuscripts during the Revolution.

CLA Vol. 5
TM Number TM 66782
Support Parchment
Contents Beda, In Lucam.
Script Commentary

Script is an expert and careful minuscule of the familiar Corbie a-b type described fully under CLA 5.554. On fol. 167 in colophon after FELICITER one reads XC (for Xριστός) BOHΘHCONACI, ACI perhaps being an error for AEI; the same prayer with the same error occurs on fol. 173 of MS Lat. 2354 saec. IX also containing Bede on Luke.

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